Sounds of Innocence autographed CD and T-shirt bundle 2: signed poster included as gift

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Sounds of Innocence album re-pressed in an exclusive, signed bundle with T-shirt and poster.

Sounds of Innocence is Kiko Loureiro’s album released before the Open Source, considered by the media as a “prog-metal masterpiece with mind-blowing solos and great music.” The lineup has big names such as Australian drummer Virgil Donati, Doug Wimbish, and Felipe Andreoli on bass, Maria Ilmoniemi on Hammond and piano, Ricardo Padillha on percussion, and Da Lua on berimbau.

Sounds of Innocence special re-press 2021 comes with new artwork and a beautiful collection of t-shirts and posters. This bundle 2 is for you who enjoys artwork with a more conceptual vibe. It's sophisticated and unique. 

Kiko will sign your CD and your poster so your bundle will be even more exclusive.