Video Message from Kiko Loureiro

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Get a personalized video message from Kiko!

It can be a message to you or to a friend, a relative, someone who would be happy to receive a message from Kiko on a special occasion. Christmas, birthdays, congratulations on some achievement, words of support. You can choose the content.

When you purchase the product you will receive a downloadable link with a Service Contract and all terms. It will come immediately after checkout. Don't forget to provide your email when requested on purchase.


1- Purchase the video message and register your email. At checkout, you will receive a downloadable link with a service contract. The terms of the contract are the same as the content below + some suggestions and guidelines to make the process faster and enjoyable. If you don't see the download link after checkout, just let us know and we'll email it back to you.

2- The contract will instruct you to send an email to with the title: Message from Kiko. In the content, introduce yourself and write down the content you wish Kiko to speak on the video. 

3- Example 1: Hi Kiko, My name is John Smith and I'd like to send a message to my bandmate Will Taylor. Will is a guitarist and his birthday is on November 19. I would like you to send him a happy birthday message and say that you've heard he is a great guitarist, and that you believe he will do a great job on the Shadow Garden's - our band - new album. You don't need to mention my name in the message.

4- Example 2: Hi Kiko, I am Markus Carter and I'd like you to send a X-mas message to my wife Lily, who is a huge Megadeth fan. You can say that her husband Markus told you she's a big fan of your work with Megadeth and you would like to thank her for the support, wish a Merry X-mas, and a happy new year. 

5- A member of our team will reply to your message from Monday to Friday within 24 hours. If you send the message on Saturdays or Sundays your reply will come on Monday.

6- Kiko will send you the video message within 48 hours after your message is replied to and the content is agreed upon. We will use We Transfer.

7- We guarantee your money refund if we cannot deliver your message or if you don't receive any reply from us during the above-mentioned deadline. 

8 - After you receive your video message from Kiko, you are free to post and share the content on your social networks.

9- Kiko will record all messages using his smartphone, on selfie-mode. No playing included.

10 - Kiko won't accept messages with offensive content, bad words, political or religious content, and neither any kind of promotion or advertising.