The White Balance (DVD)


Guitarist from the bands Angra and Megadeth,
gives us this show recorded in the incredible Ibirapuera Auditorium,
in São Paulo. With drummer Virgil Donati and the eternal
companions of Angra, Rafael Bittencourt and Felipe
Andreolli this show is divided into 3 parts, one
dedicated to Heavy Metal (Kiko performing the best
songs of his 3 CDs focused on this style), another
dedicated to MPB / Jazz (along with his jazz band,
Kiko performs songs from his CD Universo Inverso)
and another acoustic, doing duets with Rafael Bittencourt
on the guitar.



Set rock     

“Conflicted”     “The Hymn”     “Reflective”     “Ray Of Life”     “Gray Stone Gateway”     “No Gravity”     “Dilemma”     “El Guajiro”     “Mother of Water”     “Pau-de-Arara”

Acoustic set     “Child Cry”     “Chalk”     “Late Redemption” (Loureiro, Bittencourt)

Brazilian jazz set     “Anastasia”     “Green Eyes” (Yaniel Matos)     “Samba da Elisa”     “Beautiful Language”