FullBlast CD (Backing Tracks)


The material aims to assist other guitarists in the study of the instrument, the playbacks come with the original drum and bass recordings.

“Fullblast” has all the energy of heavy rock, with Brazilian rhythms and languages, characteristics that have always been adopted by Kiko Loureiro, for many this album may be a bit of the junction of the first album, No Gravity “from 2004, along with his second album” Inverse Universe “of 2006, but what matters and is clear in this cd is all the passion and pride that the guitarist finds in instrumental music.



01. Headstrong

02. Desperado

03. Cutting edge

04. Excuse me

05. Se entrega, Corisco!

06. A Clairvoyance

07. Corrosive voices

08. Whispering

09. Outrageous

10. Mundo verde

11. Pura vida

12. As it is, infinite