Here you'll find songbooks, tabs, and one of the favorite digital packs so far: Kiko Loureiro's 21 Licks Vol.1.

This section is a guitarist's Meca. You'll find the Open Source Digital Songbook, which comes with super-accurate tabs, the backing tracks, and the Guitar Pro files. 

The No Gravity Songbook, which besides tabs, Guitar Pro files, and backing tracks, also comes with the digital album No Gravity in the high-quality WAV file.

The 21 Licks Vol. 1 digital pack is the newest book Kiko produced and it's one of the favorite products in this shop. It's a very exclusive material that Kiko made to help you become a better improviser and to make better solos. It also comes with the Guitar Pro files.

The Universo Inverso songbook that will challenge your playing with more complex harmonies and melodies, especially if you like jazz and have interest in Brazilian and Latin music.

Also, here you'll find single-song tabs of each track of the Open Source album.