Universo Inverso Digital Songbook: Guitar Pro Files, full album audio tracks and 4 backing tracks included

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Get the Universo Inverso Songbook, the Guitar Pro files, the entire album audio tracks, and four backing tracks!

Challenge yourself! Enter the world of Brazilian Latin phrasing mixed with rock. Get more elements to find your voice, uniqueness, that sound and style that allow your audience to recognise you immediately.

In Universo Inverso, you’ll find many harmonies and melodies that Kiko embedded in his way of playing, whether in Open Source or Megadeth.

Get out of your comfort zone with the Universo Inverso Songbook, Kiko’s most emblematic and different album.

Dare to play complex melodies, more sophisticated harmonies, Latin rhythms, and an indispensable foundation for mastering styles such as jazz and fusion that will undoubtedly help you improvise better.

About Universo Inverso

Universo Inverso is Kiko Loureiro’s second solo album, released in 2006. It gained the prize of Best Guitar Album of the Year in Japan in 2007.

Universo Inverso showcases Kiko Loureiro’s fantastic diversity of guitar techniques and his very keen sense of melody as he fuses his Brazilian musical roots effortlessly with other popular styles of music.

Join this musical excursion that we are sure will make you want to experience again and again.

This must-have digital bundle includes the entire album audio tracks for guitarists who wish to get out of the box and experiment.

Universo Inverso enlists the talents of outstanding musicians from Kiko's native country Brasil.  Yaniel Matos originally from Cuba on keys, the exciting drummer and percussionist Cuca Texeira, and Carlinhos Noronha holding down the bass duties.

The Universo Inverso Songbook also brings you the Guitar Pro Files of all tracks to allow you to move the songs’ tempo to practice according to your level and goals.

It also contains four backing tracks: Feijão de Corda, Camino a Casa, Ojos Verdes, and Samba da Elisa.